Inserch Icon Purple Men's Long Sleeve Shirt

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COTTON SHIRTS WITH TRIMMING 2576-126 PURPLE. Inserch Icon Men's Long Sleeve Shirt (2576, 126-Purple). 

Inserch has been creating some of the most innovative men's clothing trends over the past 30 years. Their men's fashion collection is widely recognized for it's finely tailored products that are made for the modern gentlemen. Truly, Inserch represents the fashion-forward individual who desires to remain unique yet stylish with all of their men's style selections.

Cotton L/S Shirts By INSERCH ICON features:

  •  Cotton Shirt
  • "Paisley" Print Pattern
  • 2 Button Sleeves Adjustment
  • One Pocket
  • Button Front
  • Collar Trim
  • Long Sleeves
  • Color: Purple
  • An idea for any occasions